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Ole Kaparo challenges students to shun ethnicity

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Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, the Chairman, National Commission and Integration Commission adresses students during the summit

Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, the Chairman, National Commission and Integration Commission, (NCIC) has called on university students to shun ethnicity and tribalism and work towards a united country.

Hon. Kaparo was addressing students drawn from various universities at the University Students Leaders Summit held at the University of Nairobi on November 23, 2016.

“Avoid ethnic and tribal clashes. You can sort out your differences using dialogue without resorting to violence,” said Mr. Kaparo. On the student strikes, he urged students to be university ambassadors and to protect the globally respected brand.

On time management, he encouraged the students to be disciplined, stick to a schedule and avoid time wastage.  Kaparo reminded the students of the immense opportunities that exist for self employed graduates.  On corruption, students were cautioned against engaging in the evil practise.

Speaking on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Henry Mutoro, cautioned the young people against being radicalized and joining extremist groups. He noted that the ideological warfare is the only way to fight terrorism. Prof. Mutoro urged the young people to avoid shortcuts in life and contribute towards leadership in Kenya.

Ford Foundation’s Mr. Maurice Makoloo, called on the students to show good leadership and participate in developing the next generation of Kenyan leaders.

The event was organized by Youth Advancement Initiative, the Ford Foundation and the University of Nairobi.

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