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UoN and Concordia University Enhance Partnership

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The University of Nairobi and Concordia University signed an addendum to an existing MoU between UoN, University of York and Concordia University on Friday, September 23, 2016.

The addendum includes increasing capacity, innovative ways of teaching, and improving delivery of programs.


The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi said that the UoN as a mother University has a mandate of being an enabler of National development. He said that technology has enhanced the rate at which knowledge is transmitted and has also enhanced creativity in the classrooms.  

The VC said that the University has entered into appropriate partnerships for development in the country. He said, “The University has the responsibility of growing and influencing others to produce holistic graduates.”

He concluded by saying that as the institution gets in all these partnerships there has to be a way of monitoring and evaluating the deliverables of the MoU.

Prof. Phil Abrami of Concordia University said that as one of the biggest Universities in Canada, they are pleased to be associated with the best University in Africa. He proposed an addition of a new program called‘IS21’ that will help in identification of the correct information, citing the fact that nowadays with technology there is so much information on the internet.

He said that after identification, there is assessment, integration and simulation. He said that this will help in Competence- based training.

The collaboration has been of help in teaching and reading in Kenya especially primary and secondary school level. The University of Nairobi, through this partnership, has and continues to contribute immensely to the Education sector in the country.

‘Abracadabra’ is one of the programs in the University’s E-learning portal that has been running under this partnership.

Prof. Akala, Dean, School of Education, Dr. Lewis Ngesu, Associate Dean, School of Education, Prof. Digolo, Director, CEPA, Dr. Justus Inyega, Deputy Director, CEPA, Dr. Hellen Inyega, Co-collaborator, and Dr. Timothy Maonga, Teaching Practice Coordinator were among those present during the meeting.

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