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UONAA officials discuss strategies to strengthen the Association

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The University of Nairobi Alumni Association (UONAA) officials held a meeting to discuss key strategic issues concerning the growth of the association.

Top on the agenda was developing a sustainable membership drive, building the Alumni Centre and growing the scholarship fund.

In the meeting attended by the UONAA executive committee and the chairpersons of the various alumni chapters, the Chairman, Mr. Isaac Awuondo, emphasized the need to grow the membership by using various options that use technology and the importance of alumni engagement. He said the current membership roaster of 8,000 plus is too low compared to the potential of 200,000 graduates base. 

“The first assignment is to develop the technology platform to drive the membership numbers, carry out the feasibility studies for the Alumni Centre and grow the Kshs 17 million scholarship fund already given to the needy and poor students since 2005,” he said.

There was a clarion call from the officials present for a vibrant and active secretariat, while creating mini-secretariats at college levels and massive marketing and publicity campaigns both in print, electronic and social media platforms.

The key word was visibility, visibility and visibility. The Chapter Chairs emphasized the need for hosting regular TV talk shows with different chapter chairs to sensitize the general alumni populace on the need to register as members.  The Chairs also emphasized the need to hold the alumni get together by year of graduation for example Class 1980, Class 1987, Class 1990, Class 1995, etc.

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