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The Nairobi International Design Conference - May 25th -27th 2011

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The Nairobi International Design Conference (NIDEC) is an initiative of the Design Kenya Society that aims at bringing together design professionals, academia, students and other stakeholders; the focus being design as a vehicle for industrial transformation.

The Objectives of the conference are to:

·      Highlight the role of design in industrialization

·      Focus on the challenges of design in industrialization

·      Establish the role of the youth in industrial development.

·      Share experiences from around the world.

Expected participants of NIDEC are: 

·      Design Professionals,   

·      Students and youth engaged in art, design and crafts

·      Art and Design institutions

·      Manufacturing Sector

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Anonymous wrote:

Tue, 2011-05-24 17:04

I am an employee. My son is very interested in Design and I would like him to attend, where will this be held?