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About Us

The University of Nairobi is one of the thirteen (13) African universities that received Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) award.
In 2010, The University of Nairobi inaugurated the Partnership for Innovative Medical Education in Kenya (PRIME-K) in collaboration with two of its longstanding training partners, the University of Washington (UW) and the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB).


The program aims are to:

Improve the quality of medical education:

The programme utilizes an innovative “skills lab” that allows students to have hands-on clinical experiences using expert patients and simulation models. In addition, the faculty have been trained in clinical teaching, and new educational approaches have been rigorously evaluated to promote the most effective methods university-wide.


Extend the reach of medical training outside Nairobi:

We have developed and implemented a decentralized, community-based program that optimizes training in primary care and preventive medicine around HIV/AIDS.

This was achieved by training and accrediting local medical doctors and specialists at 14 provincial and district hospitals which are rotation sites for medical students, interns, and postgraduates.

To bolster training and care at these decentralized sites, we have introduced the use of mobile phones applications and E-learning systems.


Increase retention of UON faculty by providing opportunities for UON postgraduates and faculty to pursue clinical or applied research:

This is accomplished through three different mechanisms:

  • A one- year mentored fellowship in implementation science,
  • Career development awards in clinical research, and
  • A seed research project program.


Support for the UON Research Structures:

This will streamline the processes for conducting research within UON by directly supporting the Office of Grants Management and IRB to increase efficiency of operations and management to the standards of USG funding regulations.