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PRIME-K Impact Assessment

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Partnership for Innovative Medical Education in Kenya held a 3 day workshop to the “IMPACT of MEPI on Medical Education and Research in Kenya” at Maanzoni Lodge, Machakos County.26th -28th May 2014

The Principal, College of Health Sciences, Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage on May 26, 2014 officially opened the workshop. In his speech, the Principal noted that the overall effect of the Partnership for Innovative Medical Education Kenya (MEPI) on the College and University as a whole was remarkable, “Significant steps had been made in the creation of collaborations with other Institutions both locally and internationally. These collaborations aided in development of research.” He stated. The Principal also pointed out that MEPI was the only project that cut across all schools in terms of research, multi-disciplinary teams and departments.
The goal of the workshop was to create a platform where UoN faculty, representatives of Decentralized Sites, Seed Recipients, Implementation Science Fellows and students could share experiences and document individual and institutional changes due to the program in the College of Health Sciences, Partner Universities, Ministry of Health and other institutions. Staff members involved in the various aspects of implementing the program were also expected to know each other well and bond.