University of Nairobi
University of Maryland/Washington


image 1 Mr. Collins Owek , Program Manager

Mr. Collins Owek is the Program Manager, PRIME-K. He is responsible for development and execution program work-plans, liaison with host institutions, implementing partners and donors, facilitation of quality assurance and program standards, analysis of program inputs, outputs and outcomes. He manages the day-to-day operational aspects of PRIME-K program, serves as the chair of the administrative committee as well as the secretary to the advisory board. 

Mr. Owek holds a Bachelor of Science from The University of Manchester, United Kingdom and a Masters’ Degree in Community Health and Development from Great Lakes University of Kisumu.


image 1 Mr. Luke D. Davies, Monitoring and Evaluation manager UW PRIME-Kenya

Mr. Luke D. Davies is the Monitoring and Evaluation manager of UW PRIME-Kenya, Department of Global Health, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

He has five years of experience in Global Health and has managed programs in the Dominican Republic and Hait. His interest is in capacity building and Leadership and Mangement in Health. With a background in biology and public health, his focus is on working with international partners to strengthen human resources and health systems in developing countries.


image 1 Mr. Francis Njiri, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager PRIME-Kenya

Mr. Francis Njiri is the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager PRIME-Kenya. He coordinates all data collection activities of the program as well as program implementation tracking and performance evaluation on program targets. He also oversees the Monitoring and Evaluation activities of the program in collaboration with the University of Washington.

Mr. Francis Njiri is a biostatistician with over 10 years’ experience with donor funded projects in Data Management, Program Administration, Coordination and Management.

image 1 Ms. Susan Wanja, Skills Lab Manager

Ms. Susan Wanja is the Skills Lab Manager for PRIME-Kenya. Her role is to coordinate skills training as well as tutoring the skills lab users.

Ms Wanja is a holder of MSc in Health Systems Management with vast experience in training health professionals across eastern Africa mainly nurses and technical staff.

image 1 Dr. Minnie Kibore , University of Washington (UW) program coordinator for the PRIME-K

Dr. Kibore provides an on-the-ground presence in Kenya to support the programs efforts to build a multidisciplinary program focused on capacity-building for decentralized, community-based clinical training (PRIME-K Aim 2) and building implementation science research capacity in Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) for the Linked MNCH program.

image 1 Mr. Samuel Runo, Program Accountant

Mr. Samuel Runo is the  program Accountant responsible for fiscal management and compliance. He manages day to day financial activities of the program.

He is a certified public accountant with over 6 years’ experience in fiscal management of donor funded programs.

image 1 Ms. Juliet Mwangi, Assistant Program Accountant

Ms. Juliet Mwangi is an assistant program accountant. She supports the program accountant in financial planning, dispensation and reporting for the program.

image 1 Mr. Mark Sigei , Program Information Communication Technologist

Mr. Mark Sigei PRIME-Kenya program Information Communication Technologist. His role is to manage and update the PRIME-K website and ensure visibility of program’s activities on the social media. He also designs and oversee’s production of the Program promotional materials which include brochures, banners and newsletters. He supports the Monitoring and Evaluation Managers in Knowledge Management of the Program’s information through database administration.

image 1 Mr. James Macharia , AIM 1 Administrative Assistant

Mr. James Macharia is the administrative assistant AIM 1. He is responsible for supporting Aim 1 activities of the program. He is responsible for coordinating logistics related to innovative training methods and the use of e-learning as a tool for training.

image 1 Ms. Linda Nyaga, AIM 2 Administrative Assistant

Ms. Linda Nyaga is the administrative assistant for AIM 2. Her role is to support Aim 2 activities of the program. She is responsible for coordinating logistics related to decentralize training sites and supporting training activities of this aim of the program.

image 1 Mr. Wycliffe Ndege, AIM 3 Administrative Assistant

Mr. Wycliffe Ndege is the administrative assistant for AIM 3. He supports Aim 3 activities of the program. He is responsible for coordinating research activities for the seed mentored projects, career development projects and implementation science fellowships.

image 1 Ms. Syprine Omwega , AIM 4 Administrative Assistant

Ms. Syprine Omwega is an administrative assistant for AIM 4. Her responsibility is to support program activities implemented by Aim 4. She supports facilitation for training workshops and implementation of Aim 4 activities

image 1 Mr. Bernard Saigulu Mpoke, Program Driver

Mr. Bernard Saigulu Mpoke is the program driver. He is responsible for chauffeuring the program staff, students, faculty and guests within and outside Nairobi.