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Upgrading Of Monitoring And Evaluation Information System For AMREF In Kenya

Fellow's Name: 
Benard Muchoki
Fellows Track: 
Health Informatics
Fellows Cohort: 
First Cohort

AMREF has in the past made efforts to put in place a functional information system aimed at standardizing information collection, processing, storage and reporting on project activities through a Quarterly Planning and Reporting (QPR) database system (2000) and the AMREF Kenya Country Office Projects Database (KPD) (2007). KPD is currently in use but has been found to have functional limitations which challenge its effective implementation throughout the organisation.

This project seeks to upgrade the current M&E Information Application by developing a web based application that will effectively address limitations identified in the existing M&E Information Application. The goal of the project is to enhance data management for decision making and the general purpose is to enhance data capture and reporting of AMREF Kenya Country Office (KCO) projects activities and results. The objectives of the project is to improve system usability through redesigning of the existing M&E information system; to develop reporting structures designed to meet various organisational requirements; to develop appropriate user guides for the upgraded system; to improve access to newly generated knowledge products and to enhance user skills in utilizing the system through training. The new system is expected to improve operational efficiency, improve ease of access leading to increased system usage, as well as benefit the organisation by standardizing data collection and reporting processes within intervention projects and consequently provide adequate, timely and up to date information for decision making.

The project will be developed using the Waterfall model. This is a phased approach to building a system dividing systems development into formal stages where the outputs from one phase serve as the initial inputs for the following phase. During each phase, additional information will be gathered or developed, combined with the inputs, and used to produce the deliverables for that phase. The project budget totals USD 10,000 and it will be undertaken over a period of four months.