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An Expanded Resources Estimation Model: The Case Of Prevention Of Mother-to-Child Transmission Program At Nakuru Provincial Hospital, Kenya

Fellow's Name: 
Peter Matoke
Fellows Track: 
Health Economics
Fellows Cohort: 
First Cohort

Health care facilities including Nakuru Provincial General Hospital (PGH) are required to do annual resource estimation requirements to run their programs. This is done through the Annual Operation Plan, (AOP), which relies on the traditional costing method. This method does not indicate how much it costs to run specific programs. The objective of this project is to develop an expanded resource estimation model using the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission, (PMCT) program as an example to determine the resource needs of offering a specific program.  Activity Based Costing, (ABC), system   will be used to obtain unit costs of offering the program at the facility.   The absorption method will be used to calculate costs and then allocate these costs to their respective cost objects. At the end, the cost objects will be matched to the services that actually give rise to these costs. This costing process will involve six steps and will come up with unit costs of running the PMCT program at Nakuru PGH.
 This project will cost about ten thousands US dollars ($10,000), and will take six (6) months to complete. The results of this project are expected to be of relevance to the facility as it can use the developed tool to estimate costs and use this information to solicit for funds, apportion available resource envelopes and monitor its own efficiency. The focus of this study will be on the Nakuru Provincial General hospital in Nakuru, Kenya. The expanded model can also be used elsewhere, or customized to estimate resource requirements for other programs.