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Retracing The Steps: A Guide To Undertaking Economic Evaluation On project Interventions

Fellow's Name: 
Shadrack Owando
Fellows Track: 
Health Economics
Fellows Cohort: 
First Cohort

In evaluating its programmes, AMREF has so far thrived on a three-tier non economic system of evaluation comprising of baseline, mid-term and end-term project assessments. These evaluation reports have been relied on in guiding management decisions on project performance as spelt out in the organization’s draft M & E framework of 2010 - 2017. From economic perspective however, the assessments have had their share of limitations as the net benefits of the projects are not comprehensively captured. For instance, the inability of such assessments to capture the non-market costs has led to inadequate conclusions in reporting. To bridge the gap, this project proposes to introduce economic technique to the existing evaluation system by developing a guide for the undertaking cost benefit analysis. Based in KCO, the project runs from January to December 2011 and is expected to cost a total of 10, 000 USD. The expected project output is the CBA guide comprising a framework on the CBA process and evaluation tools. The proposed guide aims to enhance management decisions through comprehensive evaluation of project interventions.

The development of the guide is to be based on participatory methods in order to ensure stakeholders’ involvement. That way, the project would be able to tap into the experiences and lessons learnt in the evaluation of other past interventions, in addition to fostering ownership of the resultant guide. The expected primary audiences of the guide are program managers, especially in the health sector. Project leaders, M&E officers and co-coordinators, and other non-governmental organizations working on health related programmes are also targeted. Through the use of evaluation tools in this guide, it is hoped that project staff and other stakeholders will be able to collect and produce data or verify results that can be used for public relations and promotion of project achievements.