Sunday, February 7, 2021

In accordance with the provisions of Article 16 Subsection (1 and 2) of the UNSA Constitution (2017), I hereby announce that the UNSA online elections for Kisumu and ODeL Campuses shall be held on Friday, February 19, 2021.


Prospective eligible candidates and students are advised to carefully familiarize themselves with the UNSA 2017 Constitution and the Rules and Regulations Governing the Organization, Conduct and Discipline of Students, which are available on the University of Nairobi Website A soft copy of the UNSA Constitution has been circulated through your official University email address.


The attention of candidates, their supporters and the entire student fraternity is drawn to the UNSA Electoral Code of Conduct 2017 (Schedule 4 of the UNSA Constitution) and to the UNSA elections offences and penalties 2017 (Schedule 5 of the UNSA Constitution) for their information and compliance.


Attached find official announcement and election timelines.





Announcement on Election timelines

Kisumu Campus Nominal Roll

ODEL Nominal Roll