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Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism Management

Course Code- C78

Since its inception in 1970s, The University of Nairobi’s Kenya Utalii College has been a premier institution in producing skilled human power for the tourism industry both locally and internationally. We feel that there is a growing demand for our product as the globe turns into a village and travel and tourism become the primary modes of leisure and recreation. Our degree program is comprehensive and tailored to prepare students for careers in the travel and tourism industry.

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Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

Course Code- C79

The world has become a global village with many people traveling around the world both for leisure and business. Besides this, international tourism has been on the increase due to the efforts of governments in promoting it as an alternative source of foreign exchange. Domestic tourism in the developing world is also on the rise due to changing human tastes as a response to globalization.

These international and domestic tourists need entertainment and accommodation provided at the highest level of expertise and in professionally managed hospitality establishments, by staff who clearly understand the local and global dynamics of hospitality operations. Kenya Utalii College, through the University of Nairobi, aspires to produce such professionals through the Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality

The BA in Hospitality Management programme is designed with a view to blending theory with practically oriented courses so as to equip the graduate with the tools to enable him/her to confidently manage hospitality establishments in a world-class manner. The course will also enhance the student’s employability in the hospitality

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Media and Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Media Studies

Course Code- K59

Generally, communication and information transfer are central to the development of modern society. Communication technologies are part of society’s everyday economic, cultural, and political life. Thus, as mass media communication becomes essential in modern society, with a growing recognition that the study and practice of communication and the various ways it is affects society is vital, and as the world shifts to knowledge-based economy, excellence in journalism and communication training becomes key in the advancement of society. The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Media and Communication Studies degree programme provides excellence in practical and comprehensive training suited to the current demands of knowledge and information networked society. It addresses the needs of current students and the media and communication industry in the present times, but with keen focus on the future. The programme is intended to equip students with requisite knowledge and skills to excel in society and professionally.

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Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Production

Course Code- K62

The University of Nairobi developed the Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Production (Radio, Television and Film) degree programme in the context of the prospects and challenges facing the industry in Kenya and Africa. There has been phenomenal growth within the communication and media sector in Kenya, and in Africa, brought on by the liberalisation of the airwaves, following the democratisation wave in the early 1990s. The rapid developments in the information and communication technology have also resulted in fundamental changes in the communication and media sector.

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Applied Social Sciences

Bachelor of Project Planning and Management

Course Code- L46

The Bachelor of Project planning and Management degree programme of the University of Nairobi prepares undergraduate students for careers in project planning and management in both public and private sectors of the economy. The programme intends to offer project management to a broad spectrum of students from the East African region and beyond.

To improve on its utility, the programme will continue to be realigned to be consistent with the changing needs of society. There is need to link with government needs and change in project management. The programme has been developed to offer three options: Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Control, Project Planning, Design and Implementation and Project Financing with each one of them addressing the unique needs of our society.

The flexible schedules will make the programme more accessible. The program will be offered through face - to - face and distance learning modes. The part-time and distance learning programmes are designed to accommodate the special needs of those in full-time employment and other demands.

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Fashion Design

Bachelor of Arts in Design

Course Code- B05

Bachelor of Arts in Design  is a unique programme that offers students  the opportunity to specialize in one of the four areas of Graphic, Interior, Product, Fashion and Textiles and Illustration design hence it is attractive to the youth seeking to create employment through application of creative skills. Graduates from the specializations offered have gone on to engage in self-employment, the public sector and private sectors. In the public sectors the graduates are engaged by the government, parastatals, media/broadcasting and publishing, others are teachers in secondary schools. In private sector, the graduates join advertising firms, publishing and media houses, corporate companies such as Bata Shoes and architectural firms.

The programme has a mix of delivery strategies that includes lectures, professional interactions, technology supported learning and case studies. The students are provided with opportunities to compete with their peers both locally and internationally.

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Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design

Course Code- B321

The University of Nairobi developed the BA in Interior Design to address the challenge of  youth seeking to create employment through their creative skills.  The programme was developed to address the rapidly expanding field of art and design  which responds to societal challenges by imparting skills and opening opportunities for self employment. The schools unique expertise in interior design lends itself to the development of unique,  aesthetic and pleasing furniture and interior spaces both public and private. There is high demand in this area as has been witnessed by fast growth in the building sector in Kenya.

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Masters Programmes

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Course code – K50

The Master of Arts in Communication degree programme with specializations in Development Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations is intended to prepare students for careers in communication and media in public and private sectors, civil society, and international and inter-governmental organizations. The programme will expose students to broad interdisciplinary perspectives on communication, including communication research techniques; communication for social change; strategic image management; monitoring, management and evaluation of communication; and, journalism and media studies. Emphasis will be placed on mastery of knowledge and acquisition of the skills necessary for demonstrating first-rate techniques in writing and editing, communication planning, public relations, and management of communication and mass media organizations in a dynamic compositional and technological environment. The specialized programme also addresses emerging communication challenges in a changed communication terrain.

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The Master of Library and Information Science

Course code – C54 

The Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) programme of the University of Nairobi is geared towards empowering participants in management and leadership positions in information and knowledge organizations. The programme provides interdisciplinary and blended training opportunities in information and knowledge management, digital strategic planning and e-government, leadership, governance and management, entrepreneurship and innovation, procurement and assets management as well as records and information management. The programme integrates knowledge, skills and competencies to produce professionals who are globally competent, hence making the field of information science central in sustainable development and societal transformation. The course produces information professional leaders who are competent and champions of the digital and information technology revolution. The programme targets graduates from various backgrounds and specializations in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. This is to ensure that the information professionals have adequate grounding in any discipline together with strong leadership potentials and commitments to deal with the challenges and opportunities of the modern knowledge and digital economy

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Project planning and management

Master of Education

Course code – E55

The demand for effective educational managers, administrators, curriculum developers, educational planners and educational economists has been on the increase over the years. All the nation’s educational institutions and programmes are expanding and require the services of highly qualified human capital. The school of Education of the University of Nairobi has a duty to contribute to the training of these specialists for the country, region and beyond. Further, with liberalization of economy in recent years, and the democratization processes taking place, there is an urgent need to equip scholars and practitioners in education with broad management skills for the dynamic environment of the second Millennium, hence the need for a practical oriented management development programme for educational specialists. In addition, natural disasters, manmade disasters and armed conflicts are becoming more frequent around the globe affecting an increasing number of children, families and communities hence the need to increase the disaster awareness and preparedness of educational personnel through programmes that are tailor made to address such challenges. The programmes offered by the Department of Educational Administration and Planning will contribute to research into problems affecting national development; and in the development of educational materials for the education systems at all levels of the education system.

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PHD Programmes 

PhD Communication & Information Studies

Course Code – K90

The programme emphasizes communication as a social science. The focus of the Ph.D program is on the nature and function of communication information, and media institutions, policies, systems and processes, and their impact on individuals and communities as well as social, organizational, national, and global affairs. The programme provides for a variety of concentration areas in communication and information studies, including but not limited to health communication, organizational communication, development communication, communication and culture, media law and regulation, mass media studies, and communication and information transfer via the new information technologies. To prepare Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) candidates for research, teaching, and/or professional leadership in their chosen area of concentration, candidates shall be required to take seminars.

The curriculum runs for three academic years.

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Library & Information Science

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science

Course Code- C823

The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science programme provides advanced level of learning and training through research and teaching in information science. Our vision is to transforming the information profession through excellent academic teaching, learning, research and consultancy for sustainable development. The programme provides unique opportunities for information leaders to play an increasing role in creation and innovation of new knowledge and skills to address societal problems through intellectual research. The programme provides in-depth study in respective areas of research and learning, including conceptualization and realization of information communication technologies (ICTs). This is to enable students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills relevant to the needs and demands of the labour market and employment opportunities at national and international levels.

The curriculum runs for three academic years.

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Applied Social Sciences

PhD. Project Planning & Management

Course Code- L83

The PhD in Project Planning & Management provide an opportunity for candidates with an outstanding academic background to engage in an advanced study in a specialized field of research. Candidates are expected to have intellectual curiosity, self- discipline and a high level of motivation to be able to carry out research in their various areas of specialization and make a significant contribution to knowledge. The programme provides for a wide variety of specialization in project management. To prepare Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates for advanced research and writing skills in their chosen area of specialization, candidates shall be required to take supporting coursework comprising seven course units lasting at least three semesters.

The curriculum runs for three academic years.

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Higher Doctorate Degrees

Those eligible for the award of a Higher Doctorate of the University of Nairobi must among other requirements be holders of the Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Medicine degree of the University of Nairobi or the Doctor of Philosophy degree from any other recognized university of at least five years standing.

The Common Regulations for Higher Doctorates of the University of Nairobi other than Honorary Degrees are set out in the University Calendar. The Higher Doctorate, the regulations stipulate, shall only be awarded for the original published work such as would give a candidate authoritative international standing in his/her particular field of research.

The application must be based wholly or substantially on original work of distinction carried out by the candidate. The term ‘‘published’’ shall mean printed in a referred journal, book or monograph which shall have been made available to the public.

The submitted works by the candidate is assessed by an Evaluation Panel.

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