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The University of Nairobi offers a unique range of educational opportunities in architectural studies spanning the diverse range of professions involved in planning, architecture and construction, development and costing, valuation and management of the environment and infrastructure. Its driving philosophy is geared towards the promotion of effective training, education, relevant research and academic excellence in the built environment and related fields.

Our Bachelor of Architectural Studies/Bachelor of Architecture is a two-tier degree programme that has architectural design as its central discipline. The course structure provides for an intermediate degree, the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.), after four years of study and a professional degree Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) after six years.

Architecture (Part 1)

Bachelor programmes

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.)

Course code - B02

This is a two-tier degree programme. The Bachelor of Architectural Studies takes 4 Years and with an additional 2 Years making a total of 6 years, one graduates with the professional degree in architecture known as Bachelor of Architecture.

To this end, the programme structure is pivoted around the Design Studio, with lecture inputs in related and supporting subjects aided by tutorials, seminars, laboratory and workshop instructions as well as field exercises.

The first five years of the programme tackle design issues of increasing scale and complexity at individual, group and community levels, in the context of urban and rural human settlements.

The sixth and final year of the programme requires each student to prepare and submit a written thesis and a design project in an area of choice, as approved by the University.

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Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) - Part 2

Course code - B02

The course structure provides for an intermediate degree, the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.), after four years of study and a professional degree Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) after six years.

The fifth and sixth years of the course are focused on preparing the student for a career in architectural practice. After a series of theory units geared to this goal, the student is required to prepare and submit a project paper and design project in area of his choice approved by the University.

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Master programmes

Master of Architecture (M.ARCH)

Course code: - B52

The University offers a Master of Architecture program which began in 1992. This postgraduate programme offers qualified graduates the opportunity to gain further education and experience in design and research in selected areas of specialization in Architecture. the two-year Postgraduate Master of Architecture Programme comprises coursework, studio projects, examination and thesis.

Guided by market surveys, needs and stakeholders’ assessments, this programme is tailored to nurture and inspire postgraduates to meet the needs of the Kenyan, East African region as well as the global built environment. The goal of this programme is the advancement of the discipline of Architecture to create a physical environment that enhances the quality of and harmony of human habitat.

The course aims will help to equip the graduate to: Use advanced design techniques as well as advanced professional skills in the selected area of specialization; Pursue issues and to reason coherently concerning the selected area of specialization’s matters with a clear mastery of the scientific procedures; Demonstrate full awareness of the current “state of art” in the selected area of specialization and proficiency for independent research in the writing of his/her thesis.

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Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Architecture

Course code: B802

The Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture program at the University of Nairobi is designed learners who want to work in academia or in professional practice that is based on research.

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Higher Doctorate Degrees

Those eligible for the award of a Higher Doctorate of the University of Nairobi must among other requirements be holders of the Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Medicine degree of the University of Nairobi or the Doctor of Philosophy degree from any other recognized university of at least five years standing.

The Common Regulations for Higher Doctorates of the University of Nairobi other than Honorary Degrees are set out in the University Calendar. The Higher Doctorate, the regulations stipulate, shall only be awarded for the original published work such as would give a candidate authoritative international standing in his/her particular field of research.

The application must be based wholly or substantially on original work of distinction carried out by the candidate. The term ‘‘published’’ shall mean printed in a referred journal, book or monograph which shall have been made available to the public.

The submitted works by the candidate is assessed by an Evaluation Panel.

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