Friday, March 10, 2023

Thursday 9th, March 2023. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama Gitahi, has called upon faculty members to shift their strategic focus from teaching to research. Speaking during the official opening of a two-day training workshop for UoN researchers at KCB leadership training center in Karen, the vice chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama noted the need for the University to distinguish itself from other teaching institutions through research. “Research is a key function of the Senate and Deans and it must be given commensurate attention like academics,” said Prof. Kiama. The Vice Chancellor also observed the need to embrace the primary role of academic staff as teaching and conducting research. “Many faculty members have relegated research to the periphery, we should progressively move towards a level where we allow staff to engage in research only without teaching to accord them the room to generate more money for the University,” he added

He went on and noted that the University of Nairobi should be warm, vibrant and relevant because of research outputs. “Our research profile and revenue has surpassed module II revenue. We want to continue growing our research portfolio”.

The university shall develop criteria for promoting researchers so that they get motivated. The vice chancellor urged the senior researchers to mentor young researchers and inculcate a culture of research in the University by sharing their research outputs with their peers and the community at large. 

Research should be the thrust in the new strategic plan and also occupy the central place in our future business. In his conclusion  the vice chancellor noted that going forward, the University must  churn out innovations and spin off companies given that the university generates a lot of intellectual properties that should be commercialized.