Friday, December 16, 2022

On Friday, December 16, 2022 the University’s Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi conferred 6959 degrees and diplomas at the Historic Taifa Hall and virtually;  72 PhDs, 1510 Masters, 4515 Bachelor Degrees , 439 Diplomas and 46 postgraduate diplomas.

UoN Academic procession in the new
academic dress


The Solemn Graduation Ceremony was made special by the Procession’s new academic regalia and a male Valedictorian, Collins Miheso, who got a first class in an intercalated programme with a Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy.






While delivering his Valedictorian speech, Collins Miheso expressed his gratitude to the Almighty God and UoN Fraternity, ‘I want to express gratitude to the Almighty for granting me the chance to be part UoN and for the opportunity to join the intercalated program while continuing with my primary studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences. I managed to achieve a degree within a degree.

Collins Miheso, Valedictorian

Collins urged his fellow graduands, “All the lectures we attended, presentations we sat through, books and notes we tirelessly read have culminated to this point. It has been an overwhelming, intoxicating journey, but we've made it. I want to thank us for believing in ourselves, doing the hard work, never quitting, and having no days off.”

It's now our turn to take on those powers to read and do all that appertains to the degree. We have grown into holistic individuals with broader scope of knowledge, more enlightened visions of our futures and better skilled to transition into the world out there smoothly. This can be attributed to the morals, attitudes and values instilled in us throughout our stay at the University.



Prof. Stephen Kiama, UoN Vice Chancellor took his time to list the various achievements that the University has made in the past few months among them:  increased partnerships, recognition of exemplary staff, Research activities through collaborations and Performance of the University in the various rankings where UoN has ranked top and establishment of the Gender Based Recovery centre in partnership with UNESCO.

VC UoN Prof. Kiama speaking at the



“Talking about the best University, we were the top ranked university in East Africa by the Times Higher Education, Webometrics and QS rankings. We won the best university stand and scooped several prizes in this year’s National International show.

The footprints of our impressive performance can be found in all spheres! Be it academics, research and community service.

To enhance research activities, and to showcase research and innovations- The University held the 5th annual research week where 492 research papers and articles were presented.

To encourage a culture of innovation, knowledge transfer and commercialization, the University of Nairobi organized the 6th Innovation week that attracted a total of 71 innovators and 49 exhibitors from across the globe. We are optimistic that in the near future we shall start churning out small companies to the market after incubation."

The PS, Dr. Belio Kipsang who was representing the CS, Education, Hon. Ezekiel Muchogu Congratulated the University of Nairobi for graduating over 10,000 graduands in one year. He applauded the University for this achievement and assured the institution of government support.

He said, “Graduation is more than an academic tradition or rite of passage. In many ways, it signifies new beginnings, new opportunities and also new challenges.

PS, Dr. Belio Kipsang 
representing the CS, Min of 

I am aware that some you have already assumed important roles in society.   As alumni of the university, don’t forget to support your alma mater.”

Dr. Kipsang also commented on the Curriculum reforms, “You are aware that the country is in the process of reviewing and developing a curriculum that is relevant to our development needs. All of us are stakeholders! I am happy that H.E the President listened to the voices of the people and appointed a task force to review the CBC. We are working with the Committee to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are taken into consideration.”




The Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi while conferring degrees and diplomas equated the history of the University with that of Kenya. She applauded the move by Kenya on education reforms, “that as a nation, we  have decided to relook at our education system in light of our founding aspirations, values and ideals. While independence freed us from physical captivity and slavery, it is education that will open our eyes to a golden new world, setting us free from the bondage of self-doubt and limitation.”

The Chancellor, Dr. Vijoo Rattansi
speaking at the #UoN68graduation

“Five score years ago, our university was founded. Over the years, we have made a significant contribution to Kenya’s development through supply of skilled human resource. In good measure, we have witnessed the mixed bag of independent nation’s successes and failures: fivefold growth in our population, growth of our Gross Domestic Product and poverty levels alike, fall in child mortality rates, adoption of revolutionary innovation and technology, universal primary education, clamour for multipartyism, geographic and financial inequalities etc. We have witnessed it all. It is therefore only natural that we as a University, like the nation at large, have reached a point of reflection where we are asking ourselves how and why we do the things that we do and what skills, competence and resources we need to fulfil our mission and better contribute to Kenya’s socio-economic and political development over the next 50 years!”




Chair of Council, Prof.Miriam
Were at the #UoN68graduation


On her part, the Chair of Council, Prof, Miriam Were congratulated the graduands and urged them to give back to society, “I encourage you to expand your dreams into broader dimensions. Think about how to apply what you have learned in this University to help others in your communities and nations.  Value the contribution you can make and ensure that your aspirations are both ethical and moral”




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