Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cristiano Mutua wowed the audience when he narrated a whole chapter of the constitution word for word during the inaugural Talent Day at the University of Nairobi on Friday March 12, 2021. He sat with the Corporate Affairs team and gave them the details of how he discovered his talent.

“I didn't know I had this gift until I was in form four third term. I used to watch news when I was in High School and could recite to my classmates during prep time. I used to like narrating politics and the sports before I started reading the Bible.”

“I remember I did a CRE Exam one time and I wrote my answer exactly the way it is in the bible and the teacher cancelled it, saying that I have copied. I had to go and recite to the teacher exactly what I had written for the teacher to remark my paper.” Cristiano narrates how he discovered that he had a talent of mastering and reciting.  

After he cleared his form four in 2012, he started going round High schools to mentor students on how to master things that will add value to their lives. He went round narrating chapters of the Bible as an example.

Having come from a poor background, Cristiano says his talent is the one that has paved a way for him to make it to the University. “It is through this talent and performing to different audiences that I got the Kitui West county Member of Parliament to look for me and challenge me to go for a University degree. The county government has sponsored my education through CDF bursaries.  

The 26 year-old, who is taking a double Major in Political Science and Sociology in the Faculty of Arts attributes his success on mentors such as the Musyi FM presenter who challenged him to read and master the constitution having listened to him narrate the Bible on several occasions. He goes on to say he is the one who called different people and asked them to tune in and listen in when he was visiting the station.

Asked whether he is studying what he wanted, Mutua said, ‘I initially wanted to study Education and Law, my mentors thought I would make a great lawyer with this talent of mastering volumes of content. He however didn’t make the cut off points to take the course.

Cristiano says that after his bachelor’s degree he will still go out there and mentor the young generation. He will challenge them to put value in what they are good at.

Watch Cristiano's presentation here