Thursday, April 13, 2023

The President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Dr. William Ruto, lauded and appreciated the partnership between the University of Nairobi (UoN) and Carnegie Mellon University-Africa (CMU-Africa). The president echoed his sentiments when he visited and engaged students of Carnegie Mellon University-Africa during his three-day state visit to Rwanda.

The president said that the institution mirrors what happens at Konza Technology City and the government is in the final stages of putting up a university and in the future, plan to partner with CMU-Africa.

“I am told that there is already a collaboration between this university and the university where I am an alumnus, and I am sure the relationship is meaningful because I can give a good account of the University of Nairobi,” said President Ruto. He also pointed that there are other good institutions in Kenya that CMU-Africa can partner with.

The partnership between the two universities is under the Africa Engineering and Technology Network (AFRETEC) created by CMU-Africa. The AFRETEC Network aims to create a platform for technology-focused universities in Africa to drive inclusive digital growth by collaborating on education, knowledge creation, and entrepreneurship activities within the area of engineering and technology.

The rapid growth of Africa presents unique opportunities and challenges for the continent. Digitalization will help Africa to respond to many of these challenges, create sustainable and inclusive growth, and to accelerate job creation.

The University of Nairobi joined the network in 2022 and has partnered to among other things; participate in the AFRETEC Network, participate in the annual Virtual Faculty Enrichment Program and respond to the calls for proposals. The faculties of Science and Technology, and Engineering are the main participants in this partnership.

President Ruto urged the students to position their thinking and themselves to think globally and continentally because they are the people who are going to take over and grasp the mantle to drive the continent forward. “Africa is the next frontere and with

Part of the agenda for his visit was to continue building the relationship between Kenya and Rwanda. The president said both countries share a solid foundation built over many years of relationships in; government, business, people to people and the presence of Kenyans in CMU-A, is part of the foundation laid for the relationship between the two countries, its people and the greater Africa.