The Office of Career Services in partnership with Workmate Virtual Jobs Finder (an online job portal that matches graduates’ jobs with the right jobs that match their skills) in building the skills of students, training students on how to link to available job opportunities through their online portal and training 50 student brand ambassadors to be diplomats for the Office of Career Services activities.

“The aim of this on-boarding session was to develop the skills of students and train them to become potential employers,” says John Kamau, Workmate Manager. “Where the world is heading, one will need to do more than one job to sustain themselves.”

With the rising number of unemployed graduates, there is now need for students to learn new skills to enable them take up more virtual jobs. Kenya has a big percentage of an elite youth market with the right skills and training but with nowhere to go. One may wonder where the jobs are.

Workmate is offering a Skills Transfer Programme to Student Brand Ambassadors to build their skills for virtual jobs. The company will offer the selected students online badges for each training session. The students will also receive certificates and banded T-shirts.

“Students need to embrace virtual/online work because the future is in online work,” says Johnson Kinyua, Director, Office of Career Services. “The Career Office is proud to partner with Workmate in building the skills of students to prepare them for the job market.”