Friday, May 6, 2022

The University of Nairobi held its annual Open Day virtually on Thursday, May 5- 6, 2022. Open day is an event that the University staff  interact with parents, guardians and prospective students.

This Year’s theme was “Innovation for Transformation and Impact to Society”. This is the 2nd Virtual Open Day that the University has held and the 9th edition of the Open Day.

The virtual Open Day was characterized by an Opening Ceremony, Webinars and Career talks, and virtual booths for each Faculty.

During the Opening Ceremony, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Julius Ogeng’o stated that, ‘Open Day opens up the University to the public and displays its Academic Programmes, Research, Facilities, and achievements that enable us to be in the position of a world class University.’

On his part, the VC Prof. Stephen Kiama in his speech outlined the University’s strengths and emphasized, ‘the University remains the University of first choice whenever Kenyans are sitting for their examinations. In relation to that, the university has sought to be an energizing space to allow the hearts and minds of the local and international students to flourish, to rise unabated.”

He continued to profile the achievements of the University, he noted that, ‘UoN is a community, mirroring the diverse opportunities, multicultural diversities that are to be found in the City of Nairobi. It also draws students from all over the republic, the region, and even internationally, attracted by the University’s experiential learning module, and its innovative learning of face to face and the hybrid distance learning.

Prof. Kiama added that the University has been passed for the ranking of scientists worldwide, and is ranked number one in Kenya among the Universities, and over 100 members of teaching staff have been ranked among the world top 1000 scientists. Further, in turn, the University of Nairobi, recognizes and awards the top student performers during the annual prize awards  ceremony where students who are performing well receive cash prizes, trophies, and of course recognition from various donors leading to internships and employment opportunities.

There were Open day webinars which were held virtually across all faculties and campuses.

Investing in Resilience- A renewable mental resource by Dr. Neema Araka, a psychiatry resident at the University kicked off presentations in the virtual webinars.

The Faculty of Engineering followed up by a presentation by the Dean, Prof. Ayub Gitau, on Evolution of Engineering in Kenya and what is expected of a prospective student, in terms of subjects and cut off points.

The Faculty of Built Environment and Design led by the Dean, Prof. Robert Rukwaro followed next by different presentations on access to affordable housing and breakthroughs in affordable housing building materials.

All the other Faculties and Campuses held webinars on their thematic areas.

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