Monday, November 14, 2022

Victor Orindi, a UoN PhD student was awarded €15,000 on Friday, Nov 12, 2022 at the ongoing UN Climate Change in Egypt, COP27.

Victor is among four Individuals that were recognized for community-led initiatives for climate change adaptation

While receiving the recognition, he noted that, ‘We noticed that a lot was happening in climate finance, but it was not happening in a coordinated manner. Vulnerable communities were not able to access funds and we noticed a barrier in sustained funding streams; and that communities could not have a say in the work to be implemented. So, we started bringing people together towards a shared vision;  empowering the community,” said Victor Orindi, National Coordinator of the Adaptation Consortium.

According to the GCA website, Mr. Victor Orindi received an award for the category of financial governance; he  runs  an  Adaptation Consortium, which supports communities to create, access, and use climate finance from varied sources to reduce their vulnerability to climate change, while strengthening public participation in the management and use of funds.
The Consortium has also designed a County Climate Change Fund to attract climate finance from public, private, local, and international sources, providing subnational governments and communities a predictable and sustained source of finance for adaptation and resilience building efforts.

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