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Bachelor programme

There have been rapid changes in global health environment requiring greater clinical orientation, leadership and management roles for pharmacists in addition to international technological advances in pharmaceutical industrial sector and Information Technology driven delivery of pharmaceutical services. In recognition of this, there is need to train graduates who can serve in all the pharmaceutical sectors and who are adaptive enough to continue with knowledge growth throughout their professional practice as they are engaged nationally, regionally and internationally.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.PHARM)

Course code - U29

Our Bachelor of Pharmacy programme design ensures that both the lecturers and students are more productive. The distribution of hours to various subjects has been rationalized, taking into consideration both horizontal and vertical integration.

The programme duration of five years, each lasting 36 weeks, enhances objectivity and places greater emphasis on acquisition of skills and competencies. The preclinical subjects have been spread over two years, as opposed to the current one year. The common undergraduate courses are well adapted within the curriculum with emphasis on relevance to the pharmacy profession, other health professions and the interaction with the patient. On completion of the course, the graduates will be expected to be competent in the provision of quality pharmaceutical services.

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Master programme


Course code: - U590

Pharmacy services in recent years have expanded significantly beyond drug preparation and distribution. These evolutionary changes are expressed as greater involvement by pharmacists in drug related decision making and patient care activities. The World Health Organization through the concept of pharmaceutical care sees a pharmacist as an integral member of the patient care team. The discipline of Clinical pharmacy is responsible for ensuring the safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use of drugs in patients, through the application of specialized skills and knowledge. The Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy programme aims at instilling knowledge and skills that will enhance the provision of pharmaceutical care at patient level

The course aims to produce a professional with sufficient knowledge, skills and attitudes to be able to: Integrate knowledge of the biological, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sciences with clinical information to make decisions regarding rational drug therapy; Assess patients in order to monitor, evaluate, design, recommend and implement patient specific pharmaco therapeutic plans.

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Doctoral Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy

Course code: U802

The Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy degree offered at the University of Nairobi prepares clinical scientists for careers in academia, government and industrial settings.

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Higher Doctorate Degrees

Those eligible for the award of a Higher Doctorate of the University of Nairobi must among other requirements be holders of the Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Medicine degree of the University of Nairobi or the Doctor of Philosophy degree from any other recognized university of at least five years standing.

The Common Regulations for Higher Doctorates of the University of Nairobi other than Honorary Degrees are set out in the University Calendar. The Higher Doctorate, the regulations stipulate, shall only be awarded for the original published work such as would give a candidate authoritative international standing in his/her particular field of research.

The application must be based wholly or substantially on original work of distinction carried out by the candidate. The term ‘‘published’’ shall mean printed in a referred journal, book or monograph which shall have been made available to the public.

The submitted works by the candidate is assessed by an Evaluation Panel.

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