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The Students Information Handbook has been prepared to guide and facilitate orientation of students at the University of Nairobi. For ease of reference, the handbook has been divided into four key areas.

Part One covers History, Setting, University Governance, Campuses and Colleges of the University of Nairobi .

Part two contains information on Common Courses, crucial information on the Student Management Information System and Student portal, Library System, Bookshop, List of University Prizes for best performing students in various faculties, schools and institutes.

Part three contains information on Student Welfare services available under the Dean of Students Office, Student Accommodation, University Health Services and Sports and Games Directorate.

Part four details rules and regulations governing conduct of students including examination regulations and student Government and Professional Associations. Campus Addresses and Telephone numbers and the Halls of Residence by Campus and College have been included in the Appendices.

After reading this handbook, we hope you will have a better understanding of the University, it’s staff and services. Please do not hesitate to call on the staff in the office of the Dean of Students, situated in each college, for assistance and more information.

This Handbook was prepared by the Office of the Dean of Students


 Main Campus Gandhi wing Ground Floor | Tel: 020 491 8114 | Email: