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Donation From Seeding Labs – USA To The School Of Biological Sciences, University Of Nairobi

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SBS has receive equipment worth Kshs. 3,500,000/= from Seeding Labs, a consortium of American Institutions which helps to collect laboratory equipment and supply them to the developing world.  The equipments that SBS has received will go a long way in bringing about collaboration between Kenyan’s (members of the School) and their American counterparts.

According to the MOU between Seeding Labs and School of Biological Sciences, each academic staff member is expected to examine the equipments in their area and then write a proposal in collaboration with an American Researcher.  The Seeding Labs will facilitate linkage between the two researchers.

The equipments received will boost molecular biology and technology research in our country.


Dowload the full list of the equipment donated

Anonymous wrote:

Mon, 2011-07-11 16:13

This initiative started at Kenyatta University and is going around the country one university at a time. It is great to receive the equipment, but the greatest challenge has just started. Will our professors wake up and get the equipment into good use or are we going to create another 'museum' like we have in the CBB? receiving donations is easy, thinking of great research ideas is hard.

let us hope for the best and Congratulations prof. Irungu for putting this effort together.

Anonymous wrote:

Mon, 2011-07-11 09:27

Is it that such things have been happening and nobody told the public....or the university has just woken up? Its good our kids will get quality training. Keep it up!

Anonymous wrote:

Fri, 2011-07-08 12:25

what an excellent initiative! Kudos to the SBS fraternity & the facilitators of this noble act. By Steve Olweny.