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Seeding Labs Donation To Department Of Chemistry

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Seeding Labs which is based in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America is a non-profit Organization that provides affordable research equipment and training assistance to scientists in developing countries since 2003. This is to help build capacity for teaching and research in the sciences.

It recently donated an assortment of glassware ( glass bottles, filter flasks, conical flasks, volumetric flasks, round bottomed flasks, separating funnels, beakers, test tubes, droppers, , pipettes) and other pieces of equipment

ovens, stirrers/hot plates, heating mantles, pH meters, spectrophotometer, centrifuge, ammeters, voltmeters, vacuum pumps, fax machine, printers, Buchner funnels, Bunsen burners, desiccators, clamps, Boss heads, tripod stands, wire gauzes ). The donation is worth KShs 16,000,000. This was an initiative of Seeding Labs CEO Dr. Nina Dudnik, Prof. G. Magoha (VC, UoN), Prof. Lucy Irungu (DVC, RPE), DVC (A&F) and Dr. A. Yusuf (Chairman, Chemistry). Our appreciation to Seeding Labs.