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CJ gives public lecture at UON

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Prof. George Magoha, Vice Chancellor, UoN and Dr. Willy Mutunga, the Chief Justice of Kenya when he visited the University.

The Chief Justice of Kenya, Dr Willy Mutunga, interacted with the University community, in a public lecture held at the University of Nairobi's Taifa Hall on August 21, 2012, to mark the start of the Judicial Marches Week, whose theme is 'Taking Justice to the people.'

In the lively interaction graced by some of Kenya’s senior Judges, Dr Mutunga  said that “the public lecture was  a moment for those privileged to serve in the Judiciary to open up to the public; explain to them how they  work; and get feedback from the people on how to improve our services”

The Chief Justice was introduced by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof George Magoha, who observed that the University has been interacting with the public and private sector, as part of its role to engage in intellectual discourse.

The Chief Justice introduced several members of the bench to the audience, as part of the engagement with the public.

Click here for the full speech by the Chief Justice.

Anonymous (not verified) wrote:

Tue, 2012-10-02 11:37

CJ gives public lecture? To who? Why are we not seeing any public' or is the other gentleman the person being lectured?

Douglas Arege (not verified) wrote:

Wed, 2012-08-22 17:11

This Lecture is significant that the Hon. CJ came back to his Alma mater from whence he championed justice, freedom and rule of Law. We are proud that the Hon. CJ is an alumni of The University of Nairobi and our alumni are rebuilding the foundations of this nation in unprecedented ways! Soldier on Hon. CJ! Congratulations too the VC for reforming The University of Nairobi!

mr. mbuva(examinations) (not verified) wrote:

Wed, 2012-08-22 11:42

Dr. Mutunga you are on the right track many people have been crying for justice in this country.

Kibutu (not verified) wrote:

Wed, 2012-08-22 08:04

Dear CJ Mutunga The public lecture today at UON was both brilliant and inspiring. I liked the fact that you would like a university community that is not apologetic but rather become a platform for new thinking, new issues, new breed of leaders, new elite that keeps in touch with the common folk. Your response to some of the questions today, you sounded defensive especially on the question on summer break, it came across as though some past traditions are indeed to hard to break hence the formation of a committee to advise you - JSC. I liked the story about judges over 55 year are entitled to 42 days leave, 12 more than those under 55 years, what injustice! But i leave you with the words from R Kipling's IF that advises..."If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,If all men count with you, but none too much;If you can fill the unforgiving minuteWith sixty seconds' worth of distance run,Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,

Anonymous (not verified) wrote:

Tue, 2012-08-21 20:33

Although he avoided to directly answer some controversial questions that were raised, he sufficiently 'took justice to the people'