In order to achieve the outlined objectives, it is imperative for the university to build trust and strong relationships with diverse stakeholders for mutual support. The University occupies a pre-eminent position locally and regionally and it is its desire to enhance its reputation as a world-class university and a center of scholarly excellence. The Corporate affairs department will work with all the Directorates and Schools to promote the corporate image of the University.

The long term goal of enhancing the image is to build a strong corporate identity and reputation that will open more business opportunities and enhance corporate support for the University. The University’s has exhibited a lot of strength and resilience in adapting to the changes in the corporate environment and I have a strong conviction that together we can transform the institution into a self-sustaining world class university that is committed to scholarly excellence. The environment in which the University operates has become increasingly dynamic, competitive and unpredictable.

The University is also gradually evolving from the status of a public entity that is used to over-reliance on exchequer funding to one that is self-sustaining. To achieve a self-sustaining status, the University has to restructure its business processes in a manner that will inspire its stakeholders to support its development goals through enhanced capitation both from within and from without.

The University is intent in building its reputation as a world- class center of scholarly excellence in the face of the emerging challenges. It is therefore imperative to constantly review its strategic plan and align its strategic objectives to the national development agenda and the global development needs

Together we can build an indisputable and reputable brand. The value of business is in the image.


  • Provide leadership in strategic communications.
  • Provide leadership and support to the University’s corporate functions
  • Promote the image (reputation) of the University
  • Promote and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the Government (National and County governments) and corporate Organizations
  • Promote change and innovation through timely response to the needs of university community
  • Facilitate protocol services at the Chancellor and the Vice –Chancellor’s office
  • Advise on public policy and administrative matters.